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Welcome to our boutique travel catalogue, where we invite you to discover Colombia under different narratives. Here you will find trips curated and co-created with other allied operators in the country. We took on the task of researching, creating, exploring elements and experiences that make us more and more authentic.

Some of them are the result of the Product Innovation Club of Procolombia 2023 and others are the product of the restlessness and curiosity of our creative team.

The trips are a multi-destination journey, with niche and high-value products where each activity has its own driving force. Thank you for being part of this new form of travel.

fashion within the time

Colombia: Fashion With History

In this Colombian fashion adventure, you will find design, color, textures, shapes, and charm. You’ll have experiences filled with trends and styling, guided by professionals from the Colombian fashion industry.

Our tour is enriched with cultural nuances from different times and cities throughout the country: Bogotá, Manizales, Medellín, Barranquilla, and Cartagena. In each of them, we’ll explore how customs, history, design, and style are expressed through clothing, interior design, art, and culture.

By the end of the tour, you’ll have crafted an authentic Colombian-inspired look. Additionally, you’ll be the star of your own fashion catalog and cover. You’ll have an online magazine showcasing your best creations and purchases.

Memory factory

Bespoke Experiences for families

This is an invitation to fall in love with Colombia through its culture, history, art, and tradition through new and entertaining experiences.

It’s an invitation to create travel memories while getting to know the geography and natural beauty of different regions of the country, as well as their residents’ ways of life and the importance of family.

It’s all about experiencing a courtship through dance, having heightened senses on coffee plantations, or running in search of treasure on the high seas. Welcome to Colombia, the memory factory, and the creator of unique moments in time.

Urban Colombia

A travel story of resilience

This is a journey through time that explores the art, culture, and unique expressions of various regions in Colombia, all of which have emerged from transformations and changes throughout the country’s history.

This trip focuses on urban culture and offers socially enriching and authentic experiences, immersing visitors in the identity, sounds, and language of local groups, communities, and people.

These are multi-destination packages that offer an immersive cultural experience in Colombia, showcasing its survival and evolution over time. We invite you to experience this dynamic country through its urban culture. Welcome.