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We are a company specializing in Photography and audiovisual products for travel and leisure nestled in the vibrant heart of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

We focus on developing photographic and travel experiences in Colombia, with the purpose of nurturing the new generation of Visual Ambassadors: travelers, capable of generating positives changes in the world through images and audiovisual language.

Over the years, your support has fueled our passion for innovation. We’ve shattered the mold of traditional tourism offer to create a new way of doing tourism, offering you authentic and innovative experiences that blend the excitement of travel, immersion in local culture, the allure of entertainment and the power of knowledge.

This adventure started in 2018, and allowed us to fall in love and rediscover ourselves as country and agency. Today we are DMC, a boutique travel and your Colombia vacation Allie.


Every day we fall in love with Colombia and all that it has to offer, Its visual and cultural richness, its roots and authenticity lead us to create and dream.

While visiting, our travelers improve their photography and storytelling skills with the accompaniment of  professional photographers, hosts, local guides;  working always under the premise:  Explore, Enjoy & Learn.


Discover Colombia’s Cultural Richness and Biodiversity. Immerse yourself in exciting destinations, experience breathtaking landscapes, exotic fauna and flora


Feel at home by meeting and interacting with our local people. Colombians are renowned for our charisma, delightful cuisine, and unique perspective on life.


Learn and improve your photographic and storytelling skills. Colombia becomes your classroom, its stories your lessons, and your memories your final project and exhibition

OUR Lines of work

Our operation is divided into the following lines of work

  • Photography  Tours (Circuits, tailor-made photo workshops)
  • Photo Expeditions (Short and medium length)
  • Travel Memories (Cinematic Outdoor Photoshoot & Audiovisual Production)
  • Tailor Made Trips & Cultural Curated Travels


PartNer with us

We are happy to work with you, Write us if you are DMC, Travel Advisor, Independent Agent, Shore Excursions and Travel Photographer

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