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Welcome to our travel blog, a space where you can find information about Colombia, photography, news and travel trends.

Experiencing Colombia

Some reasons to travel

Colombia, the land of beauty offers countless possibilities to explore. Its topography, biodiversity and different weather makes it a paradise for any traveler. From the adventurous to the most conservative. Each region has its own dynamic, so it’s cities and villages.

Visitors experience memorable moments such as a star night in Tatacoa desert, a high cuisine dinner in the paradise Rosario’s island, a film memory session in Cartagena, the urban escape in Bogota or a photo safari around the country.  Starting from the north in the Caribbean region and traveling to the south in the Amazonian, or heading for the west pacific coast to the east in the Orinoquian, there are always marvelous moments to enjoy.

Visiting Colombia is like visiting different countries together. The climate, biodiversity and culture are enriched in each region of the country. Architecture, history, tribes, communities, food, art, language, dance, so different but so Colombian.

The country is interconnected itself and with the world. In recent years the frequency of  International flights has increased considerably Which means you have more options to schedule a Colombia Trip.

(We suggest to take a look in  Skyscanner search tool)

If you are coming from United States, there are direct flights to Cartagena, Bogota, Medellín and Barranquilla, with American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines,  Avianca, JetBlue Airways, Spirit. 

From Europe, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM, Iberia,  Swizz and Turkish Airlines have direct flights to Bogota and connections with Cartagena and Medellín.

From the Middle east, Qatar Airways, Emirates arrives to Bogota with direct flights. 

The country of beauty improves daily. All tourism chains, private and public sectors are committed to becoming the first travel destination for any visitor.  This effort had given us recognition in the latest year

  • Cartagena obtained the  Travellers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best of Trip advisor 2024.
  • Travellers’ Choice Awards 2023: Best destination in South America, Best Destination for  Couples, Best Adventure Destination, Best Foodie Destination.
  • Latin America’s Best Awards 2023: Best Destination in South America, Best Cultural Destination, Best Ecotourism Destination, Best Adventure Destination.
  • World Travel Awards: Best Destination in South America, Best Cultural Destination, Best Green Destination in South America,Best Cultural City in South America: Cartagena.
  • International Tourism Awards 2022: Best Ecotourism Destination, Best Adventure Destination, Best Cultural Destination.

Colombia is a pleasure you need to give at least once in life, by coming here you have: 

  • Favorable exchange rate.
  • Diversity in experiences and attractions
  • Local immersive and wellness experiences
  • Photo paradise for non photographer and professional.

Its time to book your trip and our team is ready to craft your experience. Any itinerary is filled with  culture, art, photography and beauty. Send  us your request  and we design the dream vacation by experiencing luxury accommodations, worldwide ranked restaurants, local, renowned artists, musicians, and much more high quality goods and more.

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